Not all down jackets are the same:
There are three fundamental features for assessing the quality of a down jacket: source, species and composition. You can notice that with the majority of down jackets that are on sale, at least one of the above features is omitted.
Source: SIBERIA where the rigid climate helps develop feathers with unique features. Their size and consistency means they are extremely soft and light, with exceptional resistance and elastic recovery, highly breathable and heat containing.
Species: GOOSE develops highly performing feathers, and their size, softness and lightness make them one of the best padding materials today.
Composition: 100% DOWN To establish the quality of the down, it is important to check the percentage of down and feathers, the higher the amount of down with respect to feathers the better the quality of the padding. It is physically impossible to completely eliminate some of the very small feathers, so 100% down technically does not exist; the most you can find is what you are holding now, rightly declared as 100% down but in truth 96% down and 4% feathers.
The down is strictly treated, processed and sterilised in Italy according to the health and hygiene laws established by Decree by the President of the Republic n. 845/75 and Ministerial Decree of 10/11/1976. v THE PADDING MATERIAL FOR THIS GARMENT IS CLASSIFIED ACCORDING TO THE INTERNATIONAL UNI EN 12934 STANDARD:
The thermal insulation indicator on garments enables defining the comfort level at various temperatures, and is printed on the 100% feather label in down jackets. This indicator is the result of combining the right type of fabric, the manufacturing method and the amount of down, and varies according to the model. The result is purely indicative as the variables are also subjective. The thermal insulation category for each garment is given according to the coding A, B, C, D, E and shown at the top of the label, and is not related to the value of the garment according to other parameters.
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